Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Threshold: Review of 2013 and Preview of 2014

Review of 2013 Goals/Achievements:

1. 2013 Goal ACHIEVED- Begin to write a book- As we turn the page on another year, I have written seven chapters. My 2014 goal is to complete the current book and start two more books.

2. 2013 Goal ACHIEVED- Double my followers on twitter @drizzinkwine (expand my influence through social media)... at the time of this post, I was at 375 followers. I am now at 787 followers as we start 2014.

3. 2013 Goal ACHIEVED- Increase my readership on this blog: "Drinkwine at School" (at the time of this post, my most read post was was read 400X). I increased my readership especially with a blog post I wrote in September of 2013 as it pertains to twitter use in schools and a "how-to" plan for soliciting the participation of school communities in the twittersphere.

4. 2013 Goal ACHIEVED- Speak at one major conference/summit/retreat this year on the topic(s) of education, leadership, technology. I was invited to speak and lead three different organizations as each was creating or revising their mission and vision statements. I had the privilege of leading those organizations through the process. I also was able to lead a 20 minute session for a Technology Un-conference back in July.

*More 2014 Goals in addition to continuing the ones above:

1. Publish an eBook
2. Begin teaching as a professor in a Higher Ed setting