Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The End of One Chapter and the Start of Another...

It is with an equal amount of conflict and excitement that I close one chapter of my life and begin a new one.

In June of 2006, I joined the Williamson County School District and immediately felt encouraged, empowered, and charged to create, innovate, and change learning environments for the better. I have absolutely considered it a privilege to lead, coach, teach, speak, communicate, share, collaborate, help, sweat, volunteer, laugh, cry, and learn with so many extraordinary colleagues, coaches, leaders, staff, parents, and most importantly... students. In many ways it feels like yesterday that a community in Northeast Williamson County partnered together by rolling up their sleeves to open up a brand new school, Sunset Middle School, a school that will forever have a special place in my heart. 

Then, in 2010, I was asked to assist in opening up another school in the Southern end of WCS. That year is one that I will never forget. I am forever indebted to School Principal, Paula Pulliam, for hiring me to lead with her. Her tireless efforts to serve her community is second to none. She is one of the most passionate, caring, selfless, servant-minded, driven, focused, generous, kind, BIG-hearted, human beings I have ever known. My blog post is not long enough to contain all of the positive qualities she exhibits. In short, she is amazing! I have learned so much from her leadership. I am forever grateful and in many ways consider this upcoming chapter in my life possible because of all she has invested in me. 

I want to now thank Spring Station Middle School. If you are in any way associated with #MustangNation, then I want to thank you. I appreciate your patience, partnership, collaboration, risk-taking, persistence, endurance, teamwork, passion, creativity, innovation, vision, accountability, help, assistance, etc. Simply put, you are an incredible bunch of colleagues, educators, students, parents, businesses, and overall community. We have done great things for student learning, school culture, community involvement, and positive life change and I am just so humbled to have had a front row seat. Thanks for allowing me to journey with you.  

I am now transitioning to a new chapter in my life. I greatly anticipate partnering with the Eakin Elementary School community to impact the surrounding community in positive ways. I am thankful to reunite with Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools. As an alum, I am proud to come back and serve my community. I will assume the role of Principal at Eakin Elementary on Friday, August 1st, and I consider it an honor and a privilege to do so. Just after I was notified that I was selected to lead the fabulous Eakin community, my mother confirmed with me that my late-father attended Eakin when he was a young boy. He was a boy who grew up in poverty near Edgehill and I am sure he would be proud to know I am now serving where he once roamed. I am so humbled to come full-circle and lead students who will one day have their own shot at coming back to contribute to the Eakin community. Go Eagles!


  1. The Eakin community has found a principal that will encourage, challenge, and bring out the best in the entire school community. You will be missed at WCS, but I couldn't be more excited to see where your future takes you. Congratulations, Dr. Drinkwine.

  2. Thank you Amy Smith. You are such an incredible encouragement. I am sorry I am just now responding to your comment. It has been a busy week ;)

    Hope your school year has gotten off to a good start. Your new students are lucky to have you!


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