Friday, June 8, 2012

What are you contributing?

The mission of Timothy Drinkwine is to exhort, teach, and give:

·         I will make every attempt to encourage others through exhortation so as to inspire, entrust, and empower those around me.

·         I will seek every possible teachable moment in order to better the world around me. I am a natural learner and seek to lead by example in the endeavor to teach others how to learn.

·         I will pursue selflessness by giving of myself: my time, my resources, my money and anything else that may distract me from an others-centered life.

Why is this my mission? My mission is to exhort, teach and give because it has the propensity and the audacity to leave an imprint on this world suggesting a contribution was made. I live a life of purpose. My purpose was blueprinted from the beginning of time. It is humbling to contribute to this whisper of a life each and every day.

As a way to contribute to this world and to the lives of others, I have been given the opportunity to serve others, primarily young people and those who lead them in the area of education. As an educational leader, strengths such as leadership, communication, flexibility, kindness, loyalty, integrity, patience, and self-control have paved a way for me to assume responsibility and seek good stewardship of the role I been given.
Now... the challenge: what are you contributing? By now means do I do any of the above perfectly. I very much acknowledge that I still have work to do in many areas including the areas listed above as strengths. The cool thing is that we are on an endless journey to become better, to leave more for others, to lead, and to contribute. Again, what are you choosing to become better/improve? What are you leaving behind as a legacy? Who are you leading? Simply put, and again... what are you contributing? 
Be inspired today, be encouraged, and go leave a legacy!

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