Thursday, January 10, 2013

My 10 Goals/Predictions for 2013


Now that we are 10 days into 2013, (and just for fun) here are 10 goals/predictions (5 of each) for the new year. I will review at this year's end with updates and analysis. Let's go!!!


1. Begin to write a book (thinking of writing a book that appeals to everyone through the lens of the learner--- focusing on the mental, spiritual, psychological, and emotional aspect of our lives).

2. Double my followers on twitter @drizzinkwine , increase number of retweets, and favorites (expand my influence through social media)... at the time of this post, I was at 375 followers.

3. Increase my readership on this blog: "Drinkwine at School" (at the time of this post, my most read post was was read 400X).

4. Speak at one major conference/summit/retreat this year on the topic(s) of education, leadership, technology.

5. To have one date night per month with my wife, my son, or my fast-arriving daughter.


1. This will be the new BIG tech trend of 2013: LEAP Motion. You can follow them on twitter at @leapmotion It is a relatively affordable peripheral too!

2. Social networking and gaming (twitter, blogging, edmodo, gaming) will not only be allowed in schools, but will be recognized as a valuable learning tool and will be utilized regularly in most schools.

3. We will continue to see a decrease in student enrollment in our nation's schools as more students see they can obtain learning through online formats and through social networking. See this video for more:

4. Email, facebook, Skype will all be used less this year as the rise of Direct Messages on twitter, tweets, and face time continue their ascent to the top of the communication food chain.

5. My Vanderbilt Commodores will reach 10 wins for the first time in our football team's history. It will be a landmark year for the Commodores!

***What about you? What are some of your goals and predictions for the year 2013?

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